About us

ZDD Co. is a privately -owned ,knowledge-driven company active in developing,manufacturing and marketing chemical and biological pharmaceutical products.ZDD Co. was established in 2005 and began its development in the Center for Development of Pharmaceutical Products Technology Units of Tehran Medical Sciences University.

ZDD Co. started the construction of a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Baharestan Industrial Estate in Karaj in 2014 and transferred the production lines of Ziferon® and Tebazio®to the new site in 2016.

ZDD Co. is currently in operation by forming four (4) separate production lines including the production line for production of recombinant proteins with the use of bacteria,the monoclonal antibody production line,vial filling line and lyophilization of production line of high risk oral products.

ZISTDARU DANESH COMPANY will be one of the key suppliers of MS and oncology drugs in the horizons 2025 by relying on employee participation and the network of strategic partners.In order to improve community health,ZDD CO. will research and develop its product portfolio in the fields of MS and oncology.



ZDD Co. pharmaceutical production plant comprises the following departments in compliance with GMP principles.

A.Production  lines of pharmaceutical products

  • Production line of pharmaceutical recombinant proteins in the prokaryote host

Introduction:This complete line( biotechnology  of recombinant DNA)deals with the production of an effective protein drug starting from the engineered cell(manipulation of gene expression) in  the prokaryote host cells.

Equipment and capability:Conducting the process of fermentation, conducting the process of purifying recombinant proteins using advanced chromatography equipment and utilizing ultrafiltration,storage and distribution of biological materials are among the capabilities of this department.

  • Production line of complex biomolecules such as antibodies in the eukaryote host

Introduction:This line deals with the production of complex biomolecules,such as monoclonal antibodies,by using eukaryotic host animal cells.

Equipment and capability:Conducting culture media using a bioreactor to express the target protein, purification and removal of viral contamination and post-translational reform processes are among the capabilities of this department.

  • Production line of injection vials

Introduction:This line produces the final product as an injectable vial in the formulation,filling and lyophilization section.

Equipment and capability:The production of injection vials in aseptic conditions is among capabilities of this section.

  • Production line of solid oral products

Introduction:This line deals with the production of final products in the form of oral tablets and capsules.

Equipment and capability:Using the containment system in the production of potent products and simultaneous protection of the environment and manpower is among the capabilities of this section.

B.Quality Control Laboratories

Introduction:Quality control labs carry out precise tests on raw materials,packaging materials,materials produced during production(byproducts),final product and samples of sustainability  studies.

Equipment and capability:Using the most equipped and the most up-to-date equipment and performing tests in accordance with the principles of optimal laboratory and ensuring the quality,efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products is among capabilities of this section.

C.Quality Assurance Department

Introduction:Quality assurance is a process-oriented approach whose main purpose is to prevent  defect in the product in the planning stage in order to avoid revising and the expenses therein.ZDD Co. quality assurance dept. emphasizes on planning,documentation and implementation of the guidelines that  are necessary for quality assurance.This process(quality assurance) starts at the beginning of the project so that the prerequisites and the requirements of the product from the very beginning of the project  are identified and in accordance with guidelines and national and international laws and regulations are resolved.


Tools in the dept. of quality assurance that relies on trained personnel with specific knowledge and skills are as follows:

1.Quality management system(review of non-conformities, control of changes, corrective and preventive measures).

2.Approvals of equipment quality and validations of methods

3.Process analysis(in the process analysis, trends to find improvements, root causes of problems and identification of surplus and valueless activities are analyzed).

4.Identification,assessment and control of the quality risks(risks affecting the quality of products as well as the risks of cross contamination based on QRM protocol are identified,evaluated and controlled).

5.Periodic inspections(an effective tool to ensure that the best of approved practices and procedures are utilized).

The control tools in quality management include statistical quality control techniques,multi-criteria decision making science(MCDM) and so on.

In addition to the above mentioned points,the quality system of pharmaceutical products(PQS) runs based on the company approach to the legal requirements of the Food and Drug Administration of Iran(IFDA) and the guidelines of WHO,PIC/S,FDA,EU as well as the quality management system ISO9001,and to achieve a product free of any flaws and defects  based on a program compiled under the title of VSM(Validation of Systems and Methods) is in operation at all levels.

It is imperative to observe the principles of the integrated system of quality by all employees in order to move towards effective management and we are committed to comply with the following:

  • customer satisfaction through increasing product quality
  • increasing the efficiency and efficacy of the employees performance
  • increasing safety for employees, processes and manufacturing facilities
  • strengthening and consolidating the position of the company in the domestic and foreign markets
  • improving environmental protection and prevention of pollution
  • providing appropriate conditions in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the activities of the company
  • upgrading GMP status in accordance with the national requirements of the country



ZISTDARU DANESH COMPANY is a knowledge-based group gathers young and dynamic professionals to improve community health and raise the quality of life by producing quality drugs for domestic and international markets.

ZDD CO. is committed to pay special attention to environment and employment in achieving its goals.

Scientists in the Research & Development Department of Zistdaru are working on the development of the biosimilars as well as low moleculare weight new medicines in the  fields of multiple sclerosis and cancer. The department is located within the vicinity of Tehran University and has favoured collaboration with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology faculties of the majour universities in Tehran and Tabriz. The facility enjoys clean rooms and state of the art equipments for upstream and downstream processing,  formulation and analysis of pharmaceutical products.