Zistdaru Danesh Company has always believed in the principle of respecting and protecting MS patients. In line with this principle, nursing centers include a strong medical staff with the necessary skills in the field of MS under the supervision of specialist staff.


Responding nurses will answer your questions and potential problems during treatment. Additionally, you will receive the necessary training to gain the skills to use the drug for free and practical. The relevant centers are conducting training courses and publishing brochures and manuals for familiarizing patients with MS and providing tips for management of MS drug therapy to raise awareness of patients. Also, to provide the comfort and comfort of Ziferon consumer patients, auxiliary equipment such as auto-injector, cold compressor and travel bag specially reserved for Ziferon is provided to patients.


You can contact Ziferon Expert Advice Center at Nos. 399-885220397 (021) to get acquainted with your nursing support centers while expressing your questions. Ziferon Advisory Center is available 24 hours a day to answer your loved ones' questions.