Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about Tebazio

No.Never crush or halve Tebazio® tablets.

No.Studies on this drug have shown that hair loss is temporary and this complication is reversible and no specific action is needed to resolve it.

Tebazio®can be taken with or without food.It is,however,better to be taken with food to reduce  digestive side effects.

No.Taking Tebazio® in pregnancy is restricted.

Given the importance of using the drug in nursing mothers,the doctor may advise to:

1.discontinue using the drug while nursing,


2.stop nursing and continue using the drug.

To make up for the missed dose,do not double up the next dose.Continue taking the next dose as scheduled.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about Ziferon®

No.It is not necessary to keep the diluent syringe in the refrigerator and it can be kept at room temperature(<30˚c).However, it is better to keep the diluent syringe and the vial in original packing in the refrigerator before use.

No.If  the diluent syringe freezes,it will be unusable and should under no circumstances be used.

Yes.To reduce the side effects,it is recommended to titrate the drug under doctor supervision so that the drug dose through a time frame gradullay reaches the prescribed dose.

The drug can be stored in a special container(with thermal insulation)containing a cold pack(jelly ice bag).

Yes,they are normal.But as usual these symptoms appear at the onset of drug use and over time and by continuing to use the medication in following injections their incidence will decrease.